Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Soooo far behind!

Did I really just skip the entire month of March? Whoops. Sorry about that. We've been busy. Not sure what we've been up to - but we've been busy!!!

Em's been busy teaching her dolly's (just like Miss Maggie!!!):

Getting ready using her new vanity that I got as a hand me down form a coworker (she has to be just like mommy - see me in the background???):

Very busy doing yoga:

Taking pictures using my camera - no idea this picture of Braenna was on there!!! Nice picture Emily!

Learning how to ride a big girl bike!! Daddy picked it out himself. I have a video of it but haven't had time to upload it yet:

Just being beautiful:

Oh and don't forget the sassy too!!!

Just last weekend we were able to attend Mikaiya (my niece) 5th birthday party. It was a ballerina party. It was Soooo much fun! Emily was excited to finally be able to attend one of Mikaiya's party now that they live here in WI. So we got there and all the girls got to put on these beautiful dresses:

As you can see by Emily's face...she isn't too happy. The beautiful dress lasted all of 3 minutes before she took it off.

Here is a picture of the entire group of girls after their impromptu dance recital. You can pretty easily pick out Emily (the ONLY one not wearing the pretty dress!!). You know how most kids want to be like everyone else? Well Emme likes to do the opposite of everyone else...hmmm...wonder where she got that trait? Oh!

Em and Braenna or "B" as we like to call her are such good friends. B is 6 months younger than Emily but they just get along great. Here they are hanging out at the birthday party eating their cake....actually Em is eating her cake and B is saying "I WANT CAKE!!!" :)

 Here is my beautiful god-daughter on her birthday. Love you to pieces Mikaiya! Auntie Teresa is soooo proud of you. I can't believe you are 5 already. XOXOXOXO

I have lots more pictures and videos to post, but it's time for me to go to bed. We are off to Indiana this weekend to visit Kory's grandparents. Will post pics from the trip. We always have a great time!!!

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