Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Fun Times

February has been a fun month, although we are all very ready for spring to arrive. Very sick of cold, snow and bad road conditions.

Kory attempted to take a few days off and we decided to stay around Madison and have a little family "staycation". We started off by picking Em up from school on a Thursday afternoon and went over to the Madison Holiday Inn West to Crawdaddy Cove Waterpark. We don't have any pictures because we literally spent the entire time in the water! Emily loved swimming in the pool and going down the waterslides. Daddy loved it because we were the ONLY people in the entire pool area...I am not exaggerating! Daddy's idea of a vacation :)

Then on Friday morning we headed to the mall to Build-a-Bear. Em hasn't done it before, so we wanted to make it a special family occassion. She loved it!

Here is Em wishing on the heart before she puts it inside the monkey

Here she is giving her monkey a bath after it got stuffed
Here's Em picking out her Monkey's outfit - it's a boy, by the way :)
Em is loving her snuggly monkey!
After Build-a-Bear, or in our case, Build-a-Monkey we went to the food court and had lunch. After lunch Daddy took Em to pick out an ice cream cone....well of course she picked Blue Moon!!!

Our staycation ended somewhat abruptly at about 11pm on Friday night. Kory got a call from his driver and good friend, Dan who was running his semi that night. Somehow a piece of ice came off an overpass or a plow truck or something and came flying through Dan's windshield. It was a very scary call to get - but thankgoodness Dan was okay. Kory jumped out of bed and managed to get the parts and tools needed and drove down to Chicago and replaced the windshield. Kory didn't get home until about noon on Saturday.

Saturday night we had a babysitter and went out to dinner with our friends Derek and Kelley. We had a great time. We shared our babysitter that night and they left their 2 kids here too. We got home to their 4 year old little guy not feeling so well. Ended up he had a temp of 104 and Kelley called us the next day to say Elliott had strep throat and scarlet fever...thought for sure Em would catch it - but she hasn't as of yet!!

Sunday we hung out around the house and just had a nice relaxing day. On Monday, Kory was supposed to have the night off but Dan still wasn't feeling all that well with the glass pieces in his eyes so Kory drove. Emily and I both had the day off so we had a mommy/daughter day and went to the madison's children's museum. We both loved it!!!

Her favorite thing by far was painting on the windows. I think we spent about an hour in this area.

Here she is pushing buttons to make lego world move - it was very cool!

It was Valentine's Day weekend so their art craft at the museum was card making - she loved it!
That was the end to our fun staycation. Eventhough Daddy wasn't able to be with us the whole time - we still enjoyed our time together and more than anything -we are thankful Dan wasn't hurt during the ice vs windshield incident!!

A few more pics from the month of February:
Playing at our mall play area - they finally put one in on our side of town!

Our puzzle Queen! This is a 100 pc puzzle and she is pretty darn good at it!

We are working on teaching her to write her name. I wrote Emily in blue and she tried to follow it in brown. I thought she did really good for her first try!

We were trying to boycott winter by riding our bike on the driveway - but she lasted all of 10 minutes!!
Finally thought I would post a sneak peek to Em's dance class recital dance. She's in the black leotard and skirt. My niece Braenna is also in the dance if you count from Emily - Braenna is #5.

Here's to hoping March brings us some warm weatheand sunshine!!!!

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