Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Made it through January!

Winter is not one of my favorite times of the year. The only good things about winter are football and the extra relaxation because our schedule is much less busy!

We barely made it through January 2011. We just got hit by a horrendous blizzard this past weekend. We got 16+ inches of snow in 24 hours and Emily had her first "snow day" as her daycare center was closed.

We've been doing a lot of artwork the last few's the only thing that keeps her entertained while we are cooped up in the house.

We've been watching a lot of football...rooting on our Bears...and when they lost now we are rooting on the Packers :) Thanks to Cori & Jeff to having us at their house every weekend!!

I took Emily swimming at the athletic club a few times. She's becoming quite the fish! Mikaiya and Braenna even joined us!

Here's a few shots of all the snow from today:

Oh...and incase you didn't already know...Emme is her father's daughter!

Making sure she gets allllllll the ice cream!

As I'm yelling at her - Daddy is praising her for her good ice cream-drinking skills!

Our adorable alphabet singer!!!

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Casey said...

LOL...Love her version LMNOP :)