Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Dance Recital

Emily has been in dance at Madison Dance Academy since September. She absolutely loves it. She had her first dance recital in April. She danced to "Boogie Shoes".

Here's Emily with her cousins Braenna and Mikaiya

I normally hate pictures of myself but I love this one of me and my little angel!

Em is 2nd from left looking like quite the little dancer

Em and her bestie from dance, Kendall
The recital was quite the adventure. It was something like 280 dancers over 3 days at the local High School auditorium. Thankfully we didn't have to dance on Friday - but we did have to do the Sat and Sun 1pm show. On Saturday, Emily was too scared to dance :( But on Sunday she went out like champ and did a fantastic job!

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