Sunday, April 24, 2011

Indiana Trip - April 2011

We made a trip down to Indiana in April to visit Kory's grandparents. His Grandma Marion and also his Grandma and Grandpa Miiller. It was a really special visit because all of Kory's siblings were able to be there. It's been years since they have all been together. It was unfortunate that all the family couldn't come...but we still had a great time.

Kristen flew in from Montana. Kalli flew in from Portland. Kurt flew in from Portland with his son Rory. Then Kacey, Tony and Zander came down and Kory, me and Emily and Kory's stepsister Liz. Kory's mom and stepdad were there along with Kory's dad and stepmom.

We spent time at both grandparent's houses and had a great time!!!

Here is Grandma Marion helping Kory get the kite ready for flying. It was a beautiful, windy day!!

Here's Emme and Daddy flying a kite and making silly faces

Love this picture of the big kids :) Kurt is holding Kristen so Kory can beat her with a foam bat!!!

We brought the four-wheelers and the boys took them mudding. Here is Kurt (in green) and Kory (in brown) in the creek at Aunt Cheryl and Uncle John's house

Here's a super cute pic of Emily, G and Rory

Here's Kory's dad and stepmom with Emme

Kory's dad went mudding too and had Rory on the back. It looked like a lot of fun!

Here's Em giving her cousin Zander some love :)

Aunt Cheryl and Uncle John drive school bus's so Em got a chance to get "up close and personal" to the bus. She loved climbing on board checking out the seats and running up and down the aisles!!

Here we are with Kory's Grandma & Grandpa Miiller

Here's all the big kids with Gramps and Gram

Em had a blast playing at the park...until some kid (not ours!!!) puked on the play equipment...nasty!

Here's Kurt and Kory in their grandpa's hats. Kurt has on Grandpa Miiller's and Kory has on Grandpa Marion's.

Kory's mom with Aunt Carol

It was a beautiful day! Em just enjoying the sunshine and her ice cubes!
We had such a good time in Indiana. Thanks for everyone coming to visit and spending the weekend with us. Thanks to Kory's mom and Kory's dad for planning such fun days.

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