Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We've had a couple of "Easters" this year. So last weekend after Em's recital on Sunday we had Kory's family here for Easter celebration. Bonnie & Tom came by as did Kacey, Tony and Zander. We colored Easter eggs and just had a great time!!

Emme being patient with her egg

Here she is taking her yellow egg out

Zander did such a good job too!! Hopefully we can make this an annual tradition!
 I somehow deleted some of our other pictures, but we did have an Easter egg hunt with Em and Zander. They were cute finding their baskets and eggs. We had to do it inside though because the weather was really cold!!

Then yesterday we had Easter here with my family. We had my parents, my sister Casey and her fiance Mike, and my sister Cori, Jeff and their 2 girls.

Here is Emily very excited to see the Easter Bunny left each of the girls a special basket

Here is Em opening her basket
 We also did an Easter egg hunt here yesterday. The boys, I mean the Easter Bunny, hid a bunch of eggs in the yard for the girls.
Here's Em with her basket full of eggs

I'm not so sure what the Easter Bunny was thinking - but the boys found it quite hysterical that the girls couldn't reach the egg. They convinced Grammy to help them though!!

Here's Em, Mikaiya and Braenna opening their eggs

Love this pic of the girlies!!!

Another "surprise" picture from our little photographer...Em loves taking pictures of her cousin Braenna. Braenna is quite the poser :)

Happy Easter!! Oh and 1 more thing - on Friday night I took Emily to see her first movie (well...she went when she was about 3 weeks old, but that doesn't count!!!). We went and saw "Hop". Just me and Em. We had a fantastic time. She did super duper well. She got up a few times but she really did good. My little girl is growing up!

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