Wednesday, June 01, 2011

How can it be June already??? I know I haven't blogged in a loooong time. At least for me! I've been really busy losing sleep over the Oprah show going off the air...just kidding :)
Typically it's a sign of "unhappiness" in my life when I haven't blogged in a while but this hasn't been the case. We have been busy and I also had to travel for work which erased a week from my life. I am officially now a certified project manager after having gone through project management bootcamp - it kicked my butt!!! It was worth it though.

So...what else have we been up to? Well let me see.....

I had a girls weekend at Sugarland in Rosemont, IL. Sugarland makes me happy. I used to go once or twice a year in my pre-baby days, but since having Emily it's been more difficult to find time and energy to get away. So when we heard Sugarland was coming nearby we decided to splurge and get 3rd row seats. It was amazing...and everything I remembered it was. I think watching them live is something everyone should do. They just make you smile :) Thanks to my girls for splurging with me!!!

Beth, Amy, Kacey and me at Sugarland

Kacey and I - love you girl!!!!
I had my third mother's day as well. Kory treated me like a queen for the day (oh wait...he treats me like that every day!!! LOL!). Thank you honey! We also got to spend the day with Kory's mom. We went out to dinner at Buckhorn in Edgerton which is one of our favorites.

Emily and her G on Mother's Day
I don't have any idea what day in May this picture was taken but it makes me I thought it would also make you happy :) Enjoy!

Em playing with my phone...she is officially addicted!!!

The weekend of May 20th I flew in from my PM training in NJ to Madison for Casey's bachelorette party. I arrived on the tarmac at 10:30pm and was downtown Madison dressed and at the bar - drink in hand by 11:30pm. Pretty impressed with myself. After a week of bootcamp which involved getting up at 6am each day and not going to sleep until 11pm I was totally exhausted. I quite proudly made it through the bachelorette party and didn't go to sleep until 4am. I had a blast and was so happy to be able to be there to celebrate with Case.

Me and my sisters!!!! (Casey is the one with the penis's on her head - hee hee)
After the bachelorette party we spent Saturday recovering in Lake Geneva with just the bridesmaids. It was a nice relaxing day. On Sunday we had Casey's bridal shower also in Lake Geneva. The shower was fantastic. We hosted both Casey's side of the family and Mike's side of the family. It was nice to all be together and everything went off without a hitch...other than a few people getting lost...whoops. 

Cori, Mom, Casey and me at the bridal shower

This is a shot of the shower...the place we had it was georgous!!!!

Mikaiya helping Casey open gifts
Memorial Day weekend we went up to Hayward. Even though we've been going non-stop all month, I couldn't pass up a day to head up north. So we both took off Friday and went up that morning. We had a wonderful time. Emily even went on her very first REAL four wheeler ride. Kory and I took her out on the trails. She wore her bike helmet :) LOL! She loved it. She was singing the entire time. What a cutie! 

Usually I have to think long and hard about captioning pictures (ok...not really!!) but this one was easy "Don't give me that look!" We love to joke around with Em and we give that look back and forth and just keep saying it. Soooo cute!
Our friends Scott and Ali came up with their 2 kids. Morgan who is 6 and Luke who just turned 2. Emily loved having some friends to play with. I'm pretty sure Morgan is in love with my husband though :) She just loves her Uncle Kory!!!! 
Kory taking Morgan, Emme and baby doll for a ride on the ATV

Do you think Morgan liked the boat ride?

I think Emmers did too :)
Kory got Emily a new big girl bike this spring and though she's ridden it a few times she really hasn't gotten the hang of it. So we spent a lot of time up north helping her. Mostly Grammy of course :) Thanks mom!!! Em is officially a big girl bike rider! She loves it. One funny thing - Em is a really tiny girl when it comes to clothes and shoes and stuff. She is always on the small side. Kory bought her helmet and kids helmets come in 3+ or 5+ based on age. Well he got her the 3+ one and we couldn't even fit it on her head. So yep...our 3 year old, tiny little girl is in a 5+ helmet....hey - she's got lots of brains to fit in that giant head!!!! 

Grammy helping Em (and yes that is a baby seat on the back of her bike...who knew???)

Em up at Nelson Lake

My little sweetheart. I love you sooooooo much Emily.

She asked me to put a pony in her hair so I did the 80's side pony. I think it's a riot!!!

I guess that about sum's up our month of May. Now...on to June and the nice weather finally!!!!

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