Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kory's New Rig

Kory got his new truck on Saturday!!! What a great early father's day present. It's shiny, white and all pretty :) It's the exact same truck as he had before. I know it's a Kenworth with a Cummings engine...if you want any other details you'll have to ask him :)

Here's Kory with a big 'ole smile on his face getting in his new truck

Emme and I were just as excited....almost :) This was Em's first actual ride in a semi truck. She has been in his a million times but never actually gone for a ride. We drove it around the Kenworth building :)

I had to take a picture of Kory's new stereo. It fits into the dash and then you push a button and it comes out and the screen flips up...I was like wow...how much did "we" pay for that???? LOL!

Here the trucks are side by side...can you tell which is which?

Here's Em standing in front of the new truck. It was running so she was a little nervous to be standing that close. Doesn't the truck look massive compared to our little bug?

Proud new owner!

The salesman took a nice family shot of us too!

Hey babe! We are really proud of all you've accomplished. Most truck drivers never own their own and you've proudly owned 3 new trucks now. You are amazing!!! Thanks for all you do. I know we don't tell you enough but Emmers and I appreciate you more than you know. XOXO

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