Sunday, December 30, 2012

Santa came!!!!

Ho ho ho! Santa came!!!! Emily must have been on the nice list. She was sooooo excited!
Em and Mommy posing for a picture

Em and her daddy!!

Opening the strange shaped present first - they were orange cones!!! She thought they were a rocket ship :)

Em got daddy an ice cream maker!

Loves her Orbeez! She got two sets and plays with them non-stop

Ohhh a Hello Kitty puzzle and lots of beads for making necklaces!

Building legos with Daddy
 Christmas Day is our time to spend as a little family. It seems like the holidays go by so fast and so we spend an entire day in our jammies and just hang around the house. We love having visitors but it's also nice to just have time as the three of us. So we had a very nice day. Daddy even got some work done on the basement.

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