Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Babysitting, Christmas decorating and Star of the Week

We had Kacey, Tony, Zander and Maddox over for a playdate a few weeks ago. Kacey and I were talking one day and realized that eventhough we live 10 minutes from each other we rarely see each other and the kids never get to play. So we decided to set up some cousin playdates once a month. Yay!
Emily was having a blast feeding baby Maddox - who is almost as big as she is :)
 Emily's 5th (yes FIFTH!!!!) birthday party is this coming weekend. Here she is with her list of friends she chose to invite. She did very good. I told her she could pick 15 of her friends and she narrowed it down nicely. It was very hard for her :) Then I helped her spell all her friends names and she hand wrote out each invite and stuffed the envelopes. Such a big little girl!!!

Emily, Daddy and I decorated the house for Christmas a few weeks ago. Emily did soooo good helping. She even put all the ornaments on the tree. Good job bugs!!!!

Emily proud of her tree!
 We got the joy of babysitting little Miss Audrey overnight. Em was loving having a "little sister" for a night. Audrey was so much fun and I can't wait until we have her again...soon hopefully :)

Em explaining Dora to Audrey

Such a sweet girl!
Hi punky!!!!!
 This past weekend I asked if I could have Mikaiya and Braenna for a sleepover. So on Friday night we had a "ladies night" at my house. Not exactly the ladies nights I used to have 5 or so years ago - but it was just as fun :) We played lots of games, played dolls, played house, watched a movie and then in the morning we did tons of arts and craft projects. I hope the girls all had fun! I love having them nearby so we can hang out together.
Mikaiya, Braenna and Emily with their art projects
 Emily gets to be the star of the week at school this week! I don't know exactly what it entails but apparently she gets to be the line leader each day which is a BIG DEAL! LOL!

Here is the sign we made for her to hang up at school for the Star of the Week. She was very proud! She picked out all the pictures herself and even traced and cut the letters of her name out :)

Translation: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Grandma's House
What is one new thing you want to try this year? Ice Skating
What is one memory you have from this summer? Played Games
If you could have only one present this year, what would it be? Barbie Doll
What is your favorite food? Mac and Cheese
What is your favorite toy? Doll House
Who is your best friend? Keira
What is your favorite thing to do? Jump on trampoline
As you can see, we've had a fun few weeks! Em has her birthday party this weekend so I'll be sure to post a blog shortly after. Happy Holidays!!!

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