Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So far in December....

Cori & Jeff hosted a "college friends" get-together at her house the first weekend in December. We had a great time with some old friends.

Here's Emily playing dress-up at Cori's house. I just thought this picture was adorable!!

Katie, Sarah, Cori and Me
Between the 4 of us college friends we have 8 kids!!! The little ones all had a blast playing together. It was sooo much fun to see the kids interact eventhough they don't get to see each other very often.
 We've had such a busy month so far! We've been lucky to not have had any snow yet. Feels weird being almost Christmas time and still no snow.

I just thought this pic was cute of Emme and her Daddy!
 This past weekend we went out for Cori & Amy's birthday's. My mom was in town so we made Christmas cookies on Saturday and then she babysit the 3 girls while we all went out to dinner and then to see a band afterwards.

Cori & Jeff

Kory and I

First attempt at a nice picture of Casey & Mike

Second attempt....

Uh....third attempt...pretty sure this isn't going to be good.....

Last try! Now you know why there aren't many pics of Casey & Mike - it's nearly impossible to get a good one!! LOL!

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