Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Playdates, Thanksgiving, Fire Trucks and Decorating for Christmas...

Guess I missed posting the entire month of November. I'm not exactly sure what we did, but I found these cute pictures in my 'November 2011' file!! I guess this will do :)

Emily had her first school friend playdate at our house. This is her bestie, Keira. They did pretty well. By the time her parents came to pick her up both girls had cried at least 1x. They are two peas in a pod. I am sooo not ready for all the girl drama :) Kidding aside, Keira is a sweetheart and I'm glad Emily has so much fun with her!
 Thanksgiving was a blast! We went to Kory's mom's in the morning and spent most of the day there. Then went to my sister Cori's house for the evening festivities. Emily ended up having a complete meltdown at Bonnie's so we left a little early and got her a nap at home before we had to head to Cori's. It actually worked out quite well. Hopefully she learned her lesson and will sleep on Christmas Eve at Bonnie's since we'll have the same day plans again.

I didn't take many pics for some reason, but thought this one was cute from Thanksgiving. It's Emily and Zander playing Ring Around the Rosey. They were giggling and having a great time!
 Cori & Jeff invited us to the annual Sun Prairie Fire Truck Parade.'d think since I've lived here for 11 years and they've only lived here for 1 year that I would have known about this annual event for years....but I had no idea! So thanks for the invite guys :) It's a really fun parade where all the nearby communities decorate their fire trucks for Christmas. Then they drive them through downtown and everyone waves and cheers. They also have Santa light the Sun Prairie Christmas tree.

Here is Emily - as you can tell she is a truck driver's daughter and does the hand motion for the trunk honking quite well!!! She loved the fire truck parade especially because Daddy remembered her ear plugs!

Here's a pic of just one of the trucks. They are amazing!!!

We even walked and got ice cream wasn't that cold of a night, so we figured why not????
 We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving getting the house decorated for the holidays. We don't do a lot, but we have a few traditions that we like to do each year.

Here is Miss Em decorating the tree. We had to be careful with ornament placement as the tree is right by where Otis looks out the window and his tail wags and knocks ornaments off - so we've lost a few ornaments this year - but no biggie!!! Em did a great job decorating. Oh and I've also learned I am not nearly as anal retentive as most people - I let her put ornaments wherever she wanted - even if they were all in the same place :)

Here she is hanging up our stockings :)

and of course Daddy helping her put the angel on the top of the tree!

Here is our buggy in front of our tree. Yes she is only wearing 1 sock. No idea why!

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