Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Emily's 4th Birthday Party!!!!

We had Emily's 4th birthday party on Sunday, December 11th. We had her party at The Little Gym
it was sooooo much fun! She had 15 little friends there with her, along with about 10 or so adults. The first hour was ran by the girls that work there and they did a great job playing with the kids. The 2nd hour was in the party room where we had pizza & cake, and then we opened presents. She had a blast and all the kids were so well behaved.

Here is our sweet little angel.

This is the inside of the gym. There was tons for the kids to do. Mikaiya is in the blue top and white pants on the bars, and Isabella is in the purple next to her.

Here is a bunch of the kids and some parents too - doing some stretches!!

Here is Emily with 2 of her school friends - Olivia in pink and Abby in blue.

More friends! My niece Braenna is in the front in the pink dress.

Here is Em being the Simon of "Simon Says". She loved telling all her little friends what they could and couldn't do :)

This was fun when they blew up the slide for the kids to play on. She let them ride on it until it got big!

Lily and Nora are next to each other, baby Cayl over by Nick and next to him is Anika

Nan made Em's cake and it was beautiful! She did such a great job...oh...and it was absolutely delicious too!!!

Blowing out her candles

Then they put her on a donut so she could open her presents. Keira is standing up in the green shirt and skirt.

All the kids "helping" open presents!
We had such a fantastic time at the party! Couldn't have asked for more. Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate her special day!!

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