Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas this past week. We sure did. We are really enjoying how excited Emily is for the holidays this year. She is really into Santa this year. Santa even sent her an email and OMG! She was floored :) It was sooo cute. Pretty sure we watched it about 10x. She also has been very concerned on if she's on Santa's naughty list or Santa's nice list. It seems to work for our advantage sometimes.

All ready for her Christmas party at Gingerbread House (her school)

For Christmas Eve, we went to Kory's mom as soon as he got home from work on Saturday morning. We arrived to delicious cinnamon rolls....yummmmmmmy. It was a really fun time to hang out and watch Em and Zander open presents. They were very good!!!

Bonnie accidentally put her diamond earrings down the garbage disposal a few months ago, so Tom surprised her with new earrings....pretty sure I learned a lesson..put jewelry down the garbage disposal, turn it on, receive even better jewelry!!! LOL! As you can see, she was quite surprised

Here is Zander, Kacey (very pregnant with Maddox) and Emily

Here is Zander opening the gift we got him. It was a giant farm I'm pretty sure Kory bought it so that he could play with it :)

Em felt a need to help Zander open each present he got. This one was a huge garbage truck!!! Kory liked playing with that too :)

Here is Bonnie & Tom opening their gift certificate from all the kids. We got them a gift certificate to a bed & breakfast up in Door County.

Here is Emily with her Barbie gift She LOVED it!!!!! Her very first barbies :)

Family pic - Christmas Eve - 2011

Liz (Kory's step-sister) and her boyfriend, Kevin

Emily and Zander doing stamps that she got from Aunt Liz..such a good job sharing guys!!!!
 After nap time we headed home from Bonnie & Tom's to let Otis out. We made our food and then headed to Aunt Cori's house. It's super fun to watch all the girls open presents together.  We had a great time!!!

When we got there - we realized Braenna and Emily had gotten the exact same toy earlier in the day! (L to R: Braenna, Mikaiya, Emily)

Here is Kory drawing a smiley face on Mike's thumb bandaid

Cute pic of CeCe and Mike

Emme helping Grammy open her presents

Yay! The Walker girls all got Chicago Bears blankets! Love them mom!!!

Braenna gives the best hugs!!!!

Emme super excited (can't you tell???) for her American Girl llama...yes, she got a you didn't!!!!

Jeff super excited to open up his gift from Victoria's Secret

Casey was super duper surprised when Mike had her open a gift and inside were 2 tickets to the Bears v Packers game on Christmas Day. They had an awesome time!! I was soooo jealous!!!

Emily got this cute purse from Aunt Cori, Uncle Jeff and the girls. Yes....she changed into her jammies 1/2 way through opening presents.

Here are the 3 girls all ready to put out their reindeer food

Emily and Braenna putting out their food for Santa's reindeer

Mikaiya got a kareoke machine....oh boy! She loves to sing!

Cori pretending she doesn't see Uncle Mike snuggling with her...oh and Bella the kitty!

We had so much fun on Christmas Eve at both families. Our Christmas Eve is always a long day, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being able to spend holidays with my family on both sides.
Thanks to everyone for having us and we already can't wait for next year!!!

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