Sunday, February 23, 2014

Emily's First Concert!!!

Emily has been begging us to take her to a "real" concert. We decided a month or so ago to buy tickets for the Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Farr concert down in Bloomington, IL. We decided to just make a whole weekend out of it and stayed at the Grizzly Jack's waterpark hotel in Utica. So we surprised Em by picking her up at school just after lunch on Friday. She wasn't quite too sure what was going on. It was pretty funny!!!

We got to the hotel about 3pm on Friday and got ourselves ready for the concert.

Our cutie - all ready to go!!
We had an hour drive from the hotel to the concert so we went ahead and left by like 4. We arrived in Bloomington and found a great parking garage where we could park and then walk to dinner and the concert so we didn't have to move the car. It worked out awesome!!

We found a cute little bar/restaurant right by the arena that we went to for dinner. It was so much fun to see all the concert goers coming in. Em was quite the hit. Everyone was talking to her and asking her if she was excited for her first ever concert.

We're ready for Jason!!

Em and Daddy eating before the concert

Em and Mommy!

Em all pumped for the concert at dinner:

After dinner we walked to the arena and on our way stopped to see the trucks!!

We got into the arena and Em was just in awe of everything. She helped us find our section and then walk down to our seats. We got there plenty early for her to ask 1,000 questions and we could do our best to answer all of them.

Family shot before the show started
I uploaded a bunch of a videos - posted here but feel free to scroll down for more pics and text if you want.

Well for the concert we were expecting to see Tyler Far - much to our surprise - Parmalee opened! We both love Parmalee and hadn't seen them before so it was idea what happened to Tyler Farr though! LOL!

FGL looking for their country girls!!!

Learning how to show some love:

Learning how to "shine" during the concert:

This is my favorite - our little girl soooo happy for Cruise! I taped the whole song - sorry it's so long but I just couldn't help it. LOL!

And of course...some Aldean:

We didn't quite make it through all of Jason Aldean but she did much better than we had expected. She was great!!! We had such a fun time. Here are some more pics from the concert:

On Saturday morning, we got up and went to the waterpark. We spent the weekend between the waterpark, the amusement park, and just relaxing. It was a little crowded which was kind of a bummer but we still had a nice family time.

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