Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Emily's 6th Birthday

It's hard to believe our little girl is 6 years old already!!! Here she is just a few days old:

Emily has had a big year of a lot of firsts! She started kindergarten, she learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, she is learning how to read, she even lost her first tooth! We couldn't have asked for a more special child. She is an absolute joy. She is so independent that it can drive you nuts at times especially when you pair that with her stubbornness. LOL! She will keep working at something until she gets it, which I guess is a good quality - unless you're in a hurry! She is a very good student at school. She loves to help her teacher and her friends at school. She is learning a ton and seems to be catching on pretty quick. We do a lot of games and reading and playing together at home. She loves to play by herself but also enjoys any time she can get with mommy & daddy.

For her actual birthday, Grammy and I took her to Scooops kid spa in Hilldale mall. It was so much fun! We were the only people there which made it even better.

We arrived to her name up on the chalkboard and she was soooo excited!

She got to pick out a birthday bear while waiting for her day to start

She got a birthday tiara

Getting her manicure

She loved the hand massages!

Our pretty girl

She also got to pick out a sparkle tattoo

She picked a pink heart!

She got a pink hair piece put in

and pink eyeshadow

and pink lipstick

Don't forget the pink sparkle gems she got put on the side of her face

Our beautiful angel!

Mommy and Emme

Grammy & Emme
 Then we came home and hung out for a while and opened birthday presents!!!!

For dinner that night we took her to the Nitty Gritty in Sun Prairie. She even got to give the bartender her name so he could write it on the board. She loved her free kiddie cocktail and balloon too!

We had TWENTY SIX people for her birthday dinner. OMG! What a lucky little lady to have so many awesome people who love her. Thank you all for coming!

Happy Birthday to our sweet, generous, caring, lovable, funny 6 year old. Here's to many, many more birthday celebrations. Love you so much!!!!!

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