Monday, March 04, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day & Swimming Lessons

Sorry it's been awhile since I last posted - I guess Disney took a lot out of me :) Anyways, wanted to post some pictures from our little sweetie on Valentine's Day. She is just growing up wayyyyy too fast!!!

We even went over to see Miss Audrey and dropped her off a little present for her first Valentines Day!
Emily had a playdate with her bestie and she saved up $5 to spend on art projects. So I took her to Target that morning and she hit up the dollar bins and got all sorts of goodies!!

Emily and Keira loving all their art projects
Their Valentines mailboxes they made all by themselves!
A few weeks ago we got together, kind of on a whim, with Kory's sister's and their hubbies. It was super fun! Here's a few pics of our night out on the town:

Kacey, me and Kalli

Kory making a pouty face with his sisters

Me and Kory

Me and Kacey

Kisses from his sisters!!
Emily started swim lessons at the Sun Prairie High School with just 1 other kid. It works out wonderfully and Em is really getting to be a better swimmer. She has done so much better with the 2:1 ratio. We are doing another 6 weeks starting this week!

Ready to swim!

Emily and Keira with their teacher - Mary Chris

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