Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1st Hayward trip of 2013

For Emily's Spring Break - I took her up to visit my parents for a nice long weekend. We left on Friday after 4k and stayed until Wednesday. We took our time on the way up and hung out a bit.

Here she is at the mall in Eau Claire eating ice cream and rocking her cowgirl hat

My grown up little girl - sooooo into peace signs lately

We played in the snow a little bit every day!
Up on top of a huge snow bank up there
 I had to upload all of these pictures together - they totally tell a story --

Grandpa tickling Em while we're trying to take a picture

Em trying to pick their noses....

Still giggling

The best one I got!
 Emily has been begging to go "ice skating" - well we didn't have ice skates but did take her out on parents lake. She was in awe! It's so neat to see these little milestones in her life being checked off the list. One of them - walking on a frozen lake. She loved every minute of the bitter cold and windy day :)

Em and Grammy on Nelson Lake!

My buggie butt

Squatting down on the ice - she loved looking down in there
Here is a video we took for Daddy so he could see her out on the ice for the first time -

There isn't a lot to do up north in the winter, but we played lots of games and puzzles. Did loads of art work and got out of the house each day even if it was just to walk around town and hang out.

Angler's bowling alley was open!

It's a strike!

She had to have the pink ball...

Motorcycle arcade game

This one - I had no idea was coded "violent" so when she shot people blood spurted all over the place...whoops...good parenting, eh?

Emme and Grammy
We had such a great, relaxing time. I'm sad to be home - but need to go back to work. Plus she has her field trip tomorrow to Keva so she is looking forward to that. Next blogs will be Easter - we are hosting both families this year and are really looking forward to it.
Oh - Daddy went to a truck show in Kentucky while we were in Hayward (at least part of the time), but he apparently didn't take any pictures nor does he want to blog about it. LOL! So if you want to know how the truck show went, you will have to ask him :)

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