Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gymnastics & Girls Weekend

Emily is just loving her gymnastics class, so we signed her up for a 2nd session. She goes to a place here in Sun Prairie called Prairie Kids Club. They do a great job and she is really enjoying herself. Plus it helps that her best friend Keira and her cousins, Braenna & Mikaiya go there as well.

Here she is listening to Miss Gracie tell then what they are going to do next

Em is in the back getting ready to jump on the spring board - her little friend Keira is posing on the triangle mat

Group shot!

Jumping on the trampoline

Showing off!

She loves the balance beam
 A few weekends ago, I got to have the most fabulous girls weekend with 3 of my favorite people in the entire world! Emily and I started the trip off by going to the Dells and hitting the outlet mall. We had a blast! She is turning into quite the shopper. We stopped for Culvers for lunch and then hit the road to Winona.
Emily and her new puppy at Culvers for lunch

A little blurry - but Em and Mommy checked into our hotel room
We met my best friend Ali and her daughter Morgan there. They live up in the twin cities so Winona is a great meeting up place. It doesn't hurt that Al and I went to college there for 4 years and have lots of fun memories.
Ali and her mini-me Morgan

These two girls couldn't be serious if they tried!!!

Again...goof nuts. They just had a blast together.

Still trying to get a normal picture of these 2! This was out at dinner.

Almost normal......at Perkins for breakfast the next day.

Me and Al - they say that friends are important in life. You have no idea. I have a few friends that just mean the world to me, and Ali is absolutely one of them. She has always been there for me. No. Matter. What. Love you Al!!!!

Oh my goodness - a nice picture??? Love you girls!

All 4 of us at breakfast
We had such a good time and are planning to do this twice a year - just the 4 of us. Just don't tell Lukie (Al's little boy was not happy that we had a girls weekend without him. LOL!).

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