Saturday, August 25, 2012

Waterpark Vacation

Kory and I took a few days off work and decided to take Emily on a little family vacation. We left on Thursday morning for the Three Bears Lodge in Warrens, WI. It's a waterpark resort so we knew she'd have a great time. We all loved it!
Daddy and Em heading up to the waterslide

The outside waterslides. Em and Kory went down these like 1,000 times!

Front view of the resort

It was so hard to get a picture of them because my finger isn't fast enough :)

Here's Em holding her breath as she comes off the bottom of the slide

Hi mommy!!

Swimming like a fish!

Standing in the water

Mommy and Emme

Waiting for Daddy to come down the indoor slides. They wouldn't let Em go because she wasn't 42" yet!!!

We love our drinks! Mommy's was a mango margarita and Em's was a blue raspberry slushie :)

My handsome really I just had to take a picture of the bedspreads in the hotel and he happened to be sitting there :) We have the same one on our bed at home. Should I be embarassed????

Money for the arcade!!!

Attempting to play basketball...not good at all :( Sorry G!

Never seen an arcade where the prizes come out of a machine. Kinda weird, but she didn't care!

Emme and Daddy at our fish fry dinner

Happy girl!

Loving the waterslides

Coming down the red slide

Jumping and then swimming to mommy

Love this video of Emily. This child was not able to even sort of swim at the beginning of the summer. She has worked incredibly hard to be able to swim like a big girl. Mommy and Daddy are sooooo proud of you buggie!!!!!

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