Monday, September 17, 2012


Our little Emily started 4K this year. She is officially a preschooler. It is a big deal although for her it isn't too much of a change. She is now the "big kid" at school because her daycare is ages 2 - 5 so the oldest kids are the ones in 4K. She started a new class and her teacher's names are Kayla and Emily. She has completed her 1st week now and is into her 2nd week and loving it!
So far the differences I've noticed is she gets to be a color each day. The color is based on your behavior for the day. So purple is the best color you can be and if you get on purple then they send a note home to the parents letting us know what they did that was so wonderful. So the first 3 days she came home bummed that she was only on green - which is the 2nd best color. So finally on Thursday she came home with purple and she was soooo excited! LOL! Such a little angel she is :) Another thing we need to do is we have a sheet that we have to color a leaf for each 10 min of reading we do together. So we're working hard on coloring leaves. Em is even doing some reading on her own. Just the beginning stages of learning to read, but it's exciting for all of us. 
Our camera was kind of fuzzy that day - but here are a few pics and a video that we took. She looked so cute for her first day of 4K.

I also found this cute video of Emily doing the months of the year, days of the week and her ABC's. She's quite the little singer....

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