Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our First Camping Trip!!

Last weekend, our neighbors invited us to  go camping with them in their fancy schmancy camper. Em has been dying to go so it was a perfect opportunity. Thank you so much to Kathy, Andy and the boys (Logan, Brayton & Devon) for allowing us to tag along. We had a blast!!!!!
Emily getting her art stuff out in the camper

Here's Andy holding a flashlight out at the campfire so Emily can color. He spoiled her rotten all weekend...she loved every minute of it :)

Brushing her teeth
 Kathy, Andy and the boys even have ATV's so we all went riding together. Em loved it and she was able to ride 50 miles with us. I couldn't believe she did so well. She bounced around between Daddy's and Andy's four-wheeler. She even rode on mine and Kathy's for just a bit. It was super dusty, but other than that it was a perfect day for a ride.

Em sitting on the ATV getting ready to unload it off the trailer

Emily with her buddy, Logan - she ADORES him!

My dirty girl...she isn't even dirty yet tho...just wait!

The crew! Emily & Logan, Kory, Brayton, Devon, Kathy & Andy - we were going inside for lunch

Me and Kathy - one of my best friends in the entire world!!!

Emily being a big girl with all the boys waiting on lunch

Yes - this is what my baby girl looked like after 50 miles of ATVing - is she a trooper or what???

This was after she "fixed" her hair

We stopped at a gas station on the way back to the campsite and she got a ring pop. She totally looks like she has eye liner on in this picture but it is all dirt! We used wet wipes on our hands/faces.

Just loved the sand up there! And yes those are kitchen items thanks to Miss Kathy :) I told you she was spoiled!!

Burying her feet

Brayton helping her

Love this pic! We had so much fun!!

The Weisensel family!!!

Em in her camping bunk. She slept in the back room with all the boys. They each had a bunk bed.
Thanks again for having us Kathy & Andy!!! Love you guys!

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