Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Way Behind...Thanksgiving!

We have been soooo incredibly busy the last month. Thanksgiving flew by. We had Kory's family visiting from out of state for the entire week, so we were busy spending quality time with our nephews and their families. It was so much fun! Emily shared G (that's what she calls Grandma Bonnie!) well.

Uncle Kory showing Zander, Owen and Emily how to properly play with the train table

We had basketball competitions at Kacey's. Here is Kristen kicking Parker's butt!

The little Z man. He is the sweetest kid ever. I can't believe how big he's getting!

Emily's godfather is Nathan (Kalli's oldest) and he loves to play guitar. So here he is playing for all of us. He's sooo good!

Great family shot!

Owen (in the gray) and Zander (in the black) sharing nicely! Now just if Emme could learn that trait!

Tom planned a surprise 60th bday party for Bonnie. Here we all are surprising her!

Kalli, Kacey, Bonnie and Kristen - Love this picture!!!
We even had some time to  go to my sister Cori's for our first family holiday all together in 1 place in a LONG time. It was great! Wish I could have spent more time there, but I was exhausted! Thanks for hosting Cori!!

Casey, Teresa & Cori

My mom managed to get a picture of all 6 girls! Casey holding Mikaiya (4 1/2), Me holding Emily (3), Cori holding Braenna (2 1/2)
 After our busy week of Thanksgiving, we had my friend Beth & Luke's wedding. They thanked their guests by paying for weekend at the Wilderness Resort in Wi, Dells. OMG! Em was in love. We didn't take a lot of pics, but here is one of her posing in the pool.

Forgot to include this pic earlier - Bonnie had a friend come over and take family pics. Here is one of the best ones!

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