Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Early December Festivities

Well incase you haven't heard Mrs. Kacey Vosberg graduated with her Bachelor's degree from college in December...therefore a gigantic party was in order! Kacey and Tony hosted a paparazzi style red-carpet bash at their house. We had so much fun! Here's some photos to prove it....

Georgous ladies! Me, Cori, Kacey, Amy and Tiffy

Brother and Sisterly love :)

Me and my honey

Me and the new college grad! Congrats Kacey! We are soooo proud of you!

Jeff and Cori got to come!! Yay to moving to WI :)

End of party photo! Still quite the group left.

The rest of the pics are just random December pics I've taken so far this month. Many more to come with Christmas and Emily's 3rd birthday!! It's a busy month for us!

Love this one of Emmers

I babysat my niece's this past weekend - it's never too cold or too snowy to play on the swingset!!!

Here's Uncle Kory helping all 3 girls build a snowman

Em is absolutely loving having her cousins here in WI. Her and Braenna are the two trouble-makers. We are sooo in for it!!

Here is Emme helping me decorate the Christmas tree. We don't go all out for the holidays, but we like to put up a few things to make our house look special.

My snow angel :)

Just thought this was an amazing pic! Like Otis's tail on the edge of the photo? Forgot to crop it before I posted it...whoops!
Here's to wishing everyone a very happy upcoming Christmas! We have Em's birthday party at Bouncy Town this weekend, so I'll try to do a blog after that. Should be a great time!

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