Monday, October 20, 2008

I love being a mommy!

I got to spend the last 5 full days with my daughter and I have to say I really do love being a mommy. I find it completely amazing that you can love this little person with every ounce of your being. Every day is an adventure and she is learning and growing and turning into this beautiful little girl - both inside and out.

I took off Thursday, Friday and Monday to visit with my family down in Illinois. My Grandma (Dad's mom) and my Aunt Carol (Dad's sister) flew in from South Carolina on Thursday and then Cori, Jeff and the girls flew in on Friday. We had such a nice time! On Saturday we celebrated my cousin Jeanna's wedding at a reception (they got married in Jamaica a few weeks ago)which was lots of fun - although a little chilly for the kiddos. Then on Sunday we went to Harms Farm (my aunt and uncle's place) and had lots of fun playing on the pumpkin train ride, the fun house, the petting zoo and even the jump house. Ok - so Emme couldn't do everything - but she got to watch her cousin Mikaiya have a blast!!

Other than that we just hung out with the fam and went to bed early! ha ha Three kids under the age of 3 were EXHAUSTING! But we had lots of fun. Everyone helped out with the kids and made it all seem easy.

Although I woke up this morning and got Emme out of her pack n play and noticed she stunk - but not like poops. It was dark in the basement (our sleeping quarters), so I brought her upstairs and turned the light on and she was covered in vomit. Ugh! I was like OH NO! Of course she was smiley as always, but stinky!!! I guess she must have gotten sick at some time during the night. I am so thankful she didn't choke or anything - although I had the monitor on her but I was still so worried. Today she seems a little cuddly and affectionate, but hasn't gotten sick again.

Here are some fun pics from the weekend:

The girls playing-

Emme, Mikaiya and Braenna - the 3 grandkids-

Aunt Cori playing with Mikaiya and Em-

Great Grandma Harms (Mom's mom) with some of her great grandkids-

Emme all bundled up at the wedding reception-

Great Grandma Walker (Dad's Mom) with Emme-

Aunt Carol (Dad's sister) baking cookies with Mikaiya-

Here is the entire photo link for Emme Month 10 - I will continue to upload this month and post her official 10 month blog closer to her birthday. We just have a lot of pics from this past weekend and I wanted to share them all -

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