Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sugarland Photos

Thanks to everyone who came on our trip to see Sugarland! The HUGE Badger Bus

showed up promptly at 10:45am and the bus was loaded with our 7 coolers and lots of snacks. I was told I had to stay in the house while the bus was loaded...I guess there was some big surprise. By about the 5th person showing up in hawaiian attire,

I figured it out :) Thanks to Kacey for planning all the decorations and everything.

Even the driver had a lei!!! It was awesome. Tony looked hot in his coconut bra and grass skirt too!! ha ha

We got to Peru, IL around 1:30pm and there were cars all lined up waiting to get into the gates which didn't open until 3pm. So we got our big bus in line and waited patiently...drinking lots of alcohol and having a good time. When the gates opened, most of the girls decided it would be faster to walk through the gate instead of wait for the bus to get in, so we did!! We ran and walked about 1/2 a mile to the entrance and ended up 2nd row. It rocked!!! It was a LONG, HOT day though. We had fun waiting for Sugarland to come on. Finally around 9pm they came on the stage and there were only 5 people from our group left up in the 2nd row. The rest of us got sick of all the shoving and went to the back. It was still great though. We got back on the bus around 11pm and got home at long day! But it rocked. Thank you to everyone who came. Some from far away, some was so nice to have a lot of my close friends there to celebrate my birthday. It was definitely a celebration to remember.

Here are some photos:

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