Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to normal

We went in for Emily's head Dr visit on Monday this week and she is 99% sure that we will be done next Monday. We are sooo excited! She got her helmet on June 23rd, so we are just over the 8 week mark - which is what they had expected from the beginning.
Mary (her Occupational Therapist) gave us the head mold to have, so we took some pictures today to show you how much her had has changed.
Here she is showing the top of her head with her face up. Notice the lower left of the helmet (near my wrist) and see that lump? Now look at her head and see how the lump is pretty much GONE!!!

This one shows the top of her head with her face down. Notice the top right of the mold where that lump is. It's totally gone on her head!!

This one shows her face (obviously!!) Before her forehead was protruding on both sides and now it looks totally normal. She's so adorable!

This is Em wanting to hold her own head. Too cute!

We go back on Monday, and hopefully will get all our measurements and she will get her helmet off. We will post again after that with the final measurements.

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