Friday, July 25, 2008

Can Emme really be 7 months old?

Yep! She is.....Emily is 16.5 lbs now!! She's growing into a beautiful little girl. She still has her helmet on, but should be done with it anytime soon. She is rolling all over the place, but not really sitting up by herself yet. She loves books and toys. She loves to watch Otis and Bea run around her..and sometimes right over the top of her!! She loves her mommy and daddy--she finally knows who we are! She loves car rides and stroller walks. She is such a good little girl. Everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am, and I'm finally realizing it. She will go anywhere and do anything!!!

Let's hope the terrible 2's never happen :)

Sorry there aren't a lot of 7 month pics, here is the link:

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