Thursday, January 10, 2008

Emily is 2 weeks old

We took Emily to the Dr yesterday for her 2 week check-up. I can't believe it's already been 2 if she would just sleep through the night HA HA!
At her 2 week check up, everything looked great. She is back up to her birth weight of 5lbs 7oz. She grew an inch and a half and now measures 19.5 inches.
Her face is really filling out, I can't believe. She has been in preemie clothes and today, for the first time, I put a newborn outfit on her!! It's a little big, but she'll grow into it in no time.
Now...if she would just sleep through the night...oh wait...I already said that :) She is sleeping about 2 - 3 hours at a time. Some nights are better than others. The last two have been barely 2 hours at a time.

Nursing is going better, she is still being darn fiesty when trying to latch. I don't know why she feels a need to make it so difficult. Once she does latch, she will nurse until she's blue in the face! So I give her 20 minutes and then say...that's enough! Mommy is not a human pacifer!!

Em has attended her first TWO parties already! She was out an about on New Years Eve at Aunt Kacey and Uncle Tony's house. She was just 5 days old, but was the star of the party. Mommy was a little cranky, but Em had a great time being passed around. Em was also at Matt and Brenda's wedding reception hosted by the golf course. It was a nice party where she got to meet lots of friends. She did so good!!! And mommy was in a better mood too :)

Let's see...what else..she had her first big road trip yesterday. Mommy and Em came down to IL to visit Grammy and Grampa. She did great. Slept in the car the entire time. We even went to Grammy's hair salon to show her off to all the girls. They all thought she was so cute. Then we stopped by Aunt Kathy's office to visit with her and cousin Jenny!! Em can't wait to meet the whole family. We are still in IL and plan to come home tomorrow.

Well here is a link to some new photos...enjoy!


Kari said...

What great pictures! She's beautiful!

Cori said...

Thanks for the new pics! I have been impatiently waiting to see more of my adorable little niece! She is just the cutest and I can't wait to hold her!

cece said...

My goodness, I miss Em already! This is the first time I haven't seen her every-other-day!

Kristen said...

OH MY GOSH is she the cutest!! I am so glad she is doing so well. I hope she starts sleeping through the night for you! :-) I just can't wait till Feb. 27th when I get to hold her!! It will be here before we know it!

grandma bonnie said...

My little Emily is so good--I was lucky enough to babysit her last night. Problem was that mommy and daddy weren't gone long enough!! But we had fun, just Emily and me! She is an angel and so relaxed and laid back. I was so honored to be there for her delivery--thanks to my wonderful daughter-in-law! It was an amazing experience and Teresa was a super patient--she did make it look so easy!! We love you, Emily and welcome you to our family. I can't wait for Aunt Kalli and Aunt Kristen to see you.