Friday, October 05, 2007

Week 26

So I thought all along that week 26 was the start of my third trimester...silly's week 28. So still two more weeks in the second trimester. I thought I read it somewhere, but I was wrong. Anyway, here is a another photo. The ones from week 25 don't really do the big belly any justice!!

I went to the Dr on Tuesday and everything looks good still. He listened to the heartbeat and said it's 150 bpm!! So we all know what that means, right? It's a boy!!! Well...not so quick! He actually said it's a 50/50 chance based on the heartbeat...doesn't get us any closer to knowing if it's a boy or a girl! HA HA The Dr is also not so happy with my weight gain. I have gained 12 lbs so far and he only wants me to gain 15 - 20 lbs during the entire pregnancy. So yesterday I met with a nutrionist to help me. She was pretty nice and wants me to focus more on getting exercise and worry less about what I am eating, so that was good to hear! I also had my glucose test yesterday to check for gestational diabetes, but I haven't got the results yet. Everyone said how bad the 'orange' drink was, but I didn't think it was too bad. Tasted like orange gatorade to me!

People have been asking me if I've had any baby dreams yet, and I haven't...until last night. I had my first baby dream! wasn't a good one, but it was a baby dream and baby M was a girl. Auntie CeCe was helping me and the baby was pooping all over the place and we couldn't get it in the diaper, so we put the baby in the was quite a strange dream!! Just thought I would share :)

Well it's Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Kory and I are heading down to Indiana with his family to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's 80th birthdays.


Auntie CeCe said...

Hmm...Auntie Cece and an uncontrollable pooping baby girl?! I'm really not sure what that means...Other than that I'm the favorite :)

Lisa said...

YOU look so amazing!!! I am still hoping that Baby Mayberry is a BOY! Your parents have had enough girls to last them a lifetime! he he!!

Hope the dreams get better...because honey, that wasn't a dream...that is the reality!! (o


Kari said...

i'm so glad my doctor never once mentioned my weight! i have no idea what i even gained!

have you had any crazy dreams, that weren't about the baby? mine got nuts!