Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Doctor's Visit Today

Today was my week 22 doctor's visit. We discussed my test results from my last visit and the results of my ultrasound. Everything went really well. My blood test results from last week all came back as they should, so that was a good sign. The ultrasound report indicated that everything was measured that should have been and everything measured correctly! So that's a good sign. Glad the baby held still long enough to get some good quality measurements. The Dr said I measured 22 cm which is right on track for 22 weeks. I did gain over 4 lbs this week! Holy smokes! He said I've gained 5 lbs so far, which isn't bad for 22 weeks along. He said I am right on track which is nice to hear. The Dr wants us to start looking into our birth class and hospital tour...so that's on my agenda to get done. He also thinks we should start working on our birth plan--what the heck is that? I started reading my book and it says we need to make a plan of who we should call and when, and also things like whether we want medication (heck yea!) and all that good stuff. So I'll have to start doing some research on that.

We also committed to a daycare provider this week. Her name is Chris and she lives in our neighborhood. She's actually a friend of Kalli's (Kory's older sister) from about 10 years ago. She has 5 children of her own, and does daycare for 4 other children. Four of her five children are school age, so they aren't home during the school year. The 4 daycare kids are only there during the school year. So it works out well. Baby M will be the only daycare kid there during the summer!! We will be doing 4 days a week with Chris and then Bonnie (Kory's mom) will take 1 day a week. Thanks Grandma Bonnie!!!

Other than that, Kory and I have been working on the basement...needless to say we could really use his Dad's help!! Hopefully he can come help us this coming weekend. We got the spare bedroom primed and painted. Now we just need to lay the carpet. We also started tearing apart the new office and decided to take a break and wait until next weekend. I will post pictures once the project is officially complete!

Well I think that's all for now.


Kari said...

I'm glad everything is on track for you! I think the most important part of our birth plan (besides knowing I'd be getting an epidural) was to make sure the grandparents knew their "place". We would call them and let them know when they should come to the hospital. Heck, it turned out to be the only part of our plan that actually worked!

Malissa said...

Hey! I personally didn't use my birth plan, but after 36 hours of labor, I don't know who would! I don't know if you use this site or not, but it was a God send for me, it's http://www.babycenter.com/ . Well, good to see/hear your doing well!! Malissa (Covance:))