Monday, September 24, 2007

Baby Registering

The mom's came up today and helped me register for baby. It was fun, but completely exhausting! I was supposed to have Shelly, Jason & the girls over for dinner tonight and I had to call her at like 2:00 this afternoon and say...."there is no way I am going to make it". I was already exhausted and I still had another store to go :)
So thanks for understanding Shell!!! Can't wait to see you at Maya's birthday party this weekend.

So, back to registering...we are officially registered at Babies R Us and Target. Click on the titles and it should take you directly to our registeries--so go check them out if you'd like. I will probably be updating them a bit, but I think we did a darn good job. So thanks to Grandma Bonnie and Grammy! I really...REALLY appreciated all your help today. We had a great time!

Let me know what you all think! Also--let me know what we forgot :) HA HA


Grammy said...

Today was a first for me...registering! FUN!! Thankful I was able to participate, thanks to Grandma Bonnie too!! All the "stuff" today is like hummm how did we do it then??
Love the bit of freedom I am able to have currently to hang out with my Dallas and Madison.
Love ya and can't wait for grandbaby #2, each little special person is such a blessing to our lives. Love MOM & Dad

Auntie Cece said...

Well, I have to say Casey the Cow is my favorite, and I'm sure Baby M will love it too!!

Can't believe you registered for NASCAR baby stuff!!!

Brahmstadts said...

We miss you and are enjoying reading your blog. The boys love to see baby M and I love to you getting bigger. I am sad to miss this exciting time in our family and its not me prego:) Enjoy and thanks for keeping me posted on things. Love the bedding and now I will see what you registered for:) Can't wait to see you soon, when baby comes! I can't wait to talk to Kory after delivery:)

aunt kristen said...

Hey, I am so excited for the baby to arrive, it will be here before we know it!! January babies are the best there is!! :-) Glad you got the register today, looking forward to seeing all of the goods! See you next Thursday...can't wait! love ya

Jess Tiede said...

Registering is very fresh in my mind and I have to say that you did awesome - nice work!! You even registered for a few of my faves that most people I talk to don't really like...for example, the bottle warmer. Some people hate it, but we LOVED it for those late night feedings. Had about 2-3 bottles all set up before bed and when Noah woke up, we just hit the button and we were ready to eat in about 30 seconds.

We also opted out of a changing table and went for a contoured changing pad attached to a regular dresser. Jon would be more than happy to show Kory how he secured the pad to the dresser so there was no risk of it slipping off. I think you have to buy some special snaps. Thirteen months later it's still working GREAT for us and pretty soon we'll take it off and just have a dresser with no clunky changing table to store.

Did I see a portable booster seat on there? Hmmm...I HIGHLY recommend one of those. It's lightweight and we take that thing everywhere with us. With your trips to Hayward, it would be perfect to throw in the car and have an automatic highchair. We take it along whenever we visit people for dinner so they don't have to worry about seating for our kid. LOVE it. Now we're even thinking about taking it to restaurants because those highchairs are disgusting and he wouldn't have to sit in the way of the waitstaff. There are several brands, but I'll find out what we have because it's awesome.

Will see you on Wednesday, right?!


Kris H. said...

I love the fact that you registered for NASCAR stuff!! Go Tony Stewart!!

grandma bonnie said...

We had a great time baby registering yesterday. Thank you, Teresa for including me! It was so fun to see all the latest stuff! I don't know how all of kids survived without all the safety things!!! I can't wait for #6 grandbaby to get here and I look forward to caring for it one day a week. Grammy Walker and I will have to plan an outing together with our new baby and spoil it rotten!!! Did we forget anything yesterday?? Maybe we should plan another shopping trip to make sure!!!!!