Friday, December 16, 2005

Today has been a good day so far. I've been pretty busy at work. Hoping to get my last bit of Christmas shopping done tonight. I also have a few more cards to finish stamping and get those sent out. Usually I am way ahead of the game when it comes to Christmas, but for some reason this year, I just can get anything done.

Tomorrow Kory and I are hopefully going 4-wheeling out on our friend's farm. Should be fun. He bought me a 'new' used 4-wheeler last night, so now we just need to sell my old one. I'm excited to ride it. No more shifting! Don't we love automatics!!

I am thankful today that it's FRIDAY!! I am happy that the weekend is finally here. I've had this nasty cold all week, so I'm hoping it goes away before the holidays get here.

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Gertie said...

Friday's are the best!!! OK second best to Saturday and Sunday...or any day not at work.