Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays!!
Well today is my last day of work until Wednesday, December 28th!! YIPPEE!! I am very thankful this year that all my friends and family have their health. It has been a rough year with some illnesses, and I'm happy to say that most everyone is doing well. Aamer and Dawn are in our prayers because Aamer recently found out he has sinus cancer. He will be having surgery in January. We are thinking about you Aamer!!

It's tough to concentrate at work today because it's the last day before the holiday weekend. Many people are at home or travelling to visit family already. I decided I might as well work since we are heading out until tomorrow anyways. It's one of those lazy days where nobody really gets anything done.

I am going out tonight with one of my bestest friends who is home from Arizona for the holidays! I can't wait. We are meeting up with a few other girls from college and going to dinner, then out for drinks. Wish I wasn't the DD tonight, but it's probably good that I am considering Saturday is Christmas Eve. It's no fun to be hung-over on Christmas!! HA HA

Well Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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Gertie said...

I can't wait to hear how your christmas went!! And your visit with everyone!