Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Fest & Taste of Madison

One of the best things about living in this town is the annual August Sweet Corn Festival. It's always a blast. I put it on my calendar in May to make sure we don't miss it each year!!

Thursday starts out with the parade.

Braenna, Mikaiya, Emily and Jaxon (Em's friend)

Sarah and Max joined us too!

Getting candy from the the school mascot

My friend Beth gave us a t-shirt from the LaCrosse team

Lots and lots and lots of candy!

Our punky!

Riding rides with her friend Tyler

Love the swings!

This past weekend, we went with Cori, Jeff and the girls to the Taste of Madison. I haven't been there in years and there was a good country band playing so we thought the girls would think that was super fun!!!!! They are all really into music lately. It was pretty crowded but we had a good time.

The 3 little ladies

We made the girls wear their gym shoes since we'd be doing a lot of walking - apparently bright colored shoes are in!!!!

Stampf family pic

The girls again!!!!

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