Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Our Little Kindergartener

Well on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 our baby girl started kindergarten. We are so incredibly proud of this little lady. She is such a sweetheart, such a momma's girl AND daddy's girl. We are so lucky to have been given her as a gift in our lives. We adore you sweetheart and can't wait to watch you grow - could you do us 1 favor though? SLOW DOWN!!!!!!

First day pic!!!

Five years old!

Family pic!

Barb came over to watch her get on the bus too!!!

My favorite pic! Ready and waiting for the bus.

Last kiss before the bus comes!

Whoops...bus missed our house!!! Had to catch it 1/2 way to the neighbors.

After Emily got on the school bus (which was BY FAR the hardest part for this mommy!!), I hopped in the car and drove to school. I beat the bus there and was able to be standing out front of the school waiting of her when she got off. She had no idea I was coming so she was pretty excited.

Standing in front of her locker, way too excited to look at Mommy!

On the playground waiting for the bell to ring

Lining up!!! Her teacher is Mrs. Steeger and they line up with Mrs. Fritz class

There is Emmers!!!!! My last wave goodbye before I had to leave. Lots of crying parents at this point.
 I worked from home the first day because she only had 1/2 day. So at 11:45 we went outside to meet the bus. It was so fun!!!

Otis waiting for Miss Em

Yay Yay Yay! She made it back ON the bus!!!! Here she is crossing the street like a big girl

Such a happy mommy and girl! (Thanks to Daddy for taking all the pics!)

Telling me every single detail!!

A nice card from her teacher on the first day - ignore her flipping off the camera :)
We are very happy with the school experience so far. Today was her first full day and she did great. She even got hot lunch!! She is exhausted but other than that, doing very well. Her teacher even called us that evening! I was super impressed. She told us how wonderful Emily did and how much of a joy she is to have in her class. AWE!!!!

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