Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Christmas in Indiana

We spent the last weekend in December in Indiana celebrating Christmas with Grandma Marion, Kory's Dad and Bernita. The Vosbergs and the Brahmstadt's were also there with us. We had a blast!!!

Maddox, Grandpa and Kacey - Love this picture!
Bernita, Emily and Aunt Kalli
Love this pic of Kalli and Kacey
Emily and her Godfather, Nathan
Kory giving Kalli some love :) He was driving her nuts that night!
All the kids (and Mark!) watching a movie
Emily, Zander and Reese being goofy
Nathan playing with Maddox
Kalli getting her baby fix :)
Emme and her Grandpa
Gee...I wonder where Em gets her goofiness from???
Reese joining in on the fun
Apparently Kacey was very excited for an adult beverage
Uncle Mark being goofy
Thanks to Randy & Bernita for all planning to get us together for the holidays. It's a far drive but it was worth to hang out, play games and just enjoy each other's company.

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