Thursday, June 24, 2010


Kory and I went to Las Vegas on June 17th - 21st, it was a total last minute decision and we ended up having such a nice time. Kory had an idea on Tues (June 15th!!!) that since we already had a long weekend off work to head up north...maybe....we could go to Vegas instead for the Great West Truck Show. So we asked Bonnie if she could watch Em for us, and everything just fell into place. We got a decent last minute deal staying at Harrah's and flying out of Milwaukee. We left Thursday after I got done with work and got back on the red eye Monday morning.
We didn't take a ton of pictures, but I've posted a few of the good ones.
We aren't huge gamblers, but did enjoy a little time in the casino. Here's a pic of my winnings at the NY NY casino. LOL! Thought that was really funny!!!

We even went out of our box and played one of the tables. We played Black Jack by ourselves with the dealer and had a great time. It was a $10 table and we each put in $20. We played for a good 45 min. We were very proud of ourselves and learned a ton! Our dealer was so sweet and she really helped us to learn the game.
Here we are happy to be enjoying our spontaneous vacation:

One of our favorite things at Harrah's was the outside bar, called Carnavale Court they had with live music all day long and the best flair bartenders around! Flippy was one of the bartenders and was 3rd in the world for flair bartending (his mom must be proud...LOL!). Anyways, we LOVED going and watching them do all their tricks. This is one of him balancing all those bottles and drinks on his forehead. He did this trick every day!!!
While we were at Carnavle Court the lead singer from the Ramone's showed up. So he got up on stage and sang a few songs with the band 'The Spazmatics'. It was a riot!!!

If you cheer loud enough during his trick, he walks around the bar and pours free shots in your mouth...yum! This was the lady next to us getting her free shot:

This was another one of their tricks. They put all these cups together and then pour it into shot glasses. Kory watched them enough times to figure out that it was dependant on how much ice was in each cup. Crazy!!

When we were sitting at the bar this guy showed up with this girl. Kory was like - I think that's someone famous. I was like clue. So I took a picture of him. Supposedly he's famous - or at least we think he LOOKS like he's famous :)

One of our other favorite places at Harrah's was Toby Keith's bar - I Love this Bar! It was super fun. Here's Kory drinking his beer out of a jar-

Here we are at Toby's bar getting ready for lunch.

We went to the truck show both days (Friday and Saturday). It was a really small show, but Kory got to talk to all the vendors he wanted to and we even got to see some of the show trucks.
This is one that has an amazing tile floor in it:

This was one of my favorites. It has a mural of the firefighters raising the US flag in front of the 9/11 towers. It was georgous!!!
This one caught my eye. I said "Hey honey, can they really lease onto FedEx AND UPS?"...LOL! He was like idea! I just thought that was really bizarre.

We ended up having a fantastic trip and we are so glad we decided to go at the last minute. We got home at 5am on Monday morning to a very sick little girl. Poor Em had woken up on Monday with a fever. So I stayed home with her Monday and most of Tuesday. On Monday night her fever was at 104.5. It was incredibly scary. She woke up hallucinating. It was very hard to see my little nut bug so sick. She was better by Tuesday and now she's back to 100%.

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