Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Grammy's Hair Salon

I have to live in reality (even though most days I try not to!) that someday my mom will not own her hair salon. It's really all I've ever known, I remember my dad and I going over there to paint the inside when it literally was just a shell of a store. I remember sitting around the kitchen table as a family and picking out the name and picking the phone number.

It was really, really, really important to me that Emily got to experience my mom's salon. She has owned Lasting Impression Hair Design for 21 years and we are all so incredibly proud of the business she has built from the ground up. We hope that someday soon someone with just as much passion and willingness to learn will take over the salon and continue to support it's growth.
Here is Emily sitting on her special chair for the first time. She is used to getting her hair cut (she gets it cut more often than I get mine cut!!), but not used to being in a salon. This was her first time. She is picking out her nailpolish :)

Here is grammy getting started on the haircut:

Look out, she's going to be a beauty queen:

The bangs are always a challenge - poor girl has curly bangs:

The finished product. Grammy even gave her a mannequin head to take home as a momento of her first salon haircut. Great. Now we have a giant head in the playroom!

Here is Em afterwards deciding to wash her Head's hair:

Well I just wanted to thank mom for letting us come in and for cutting Em's hair (like always!). Thanks for letting Em run around and basically take over the place for an hour. She had fun and so did I.

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P, K, & O said...

Emily-I LOVE your new haircut! You are too cute and I miss you so much! I am glad to hear you are in a 'big girl school!' That is truly exciting and you will learn so much! See you in July...and Owen will be with me too!