Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DOC Band Update

Emily had her appt today to get the plaster mold of her head for her DOC band. Kory and I were prepared for a very traumatic Dr appt. We got there and Mary was so nice. She walked us through all the steps and then said...okay...strip her down!!!

So here we are all nice and clean, ready to get started. Mom was the holder and Dad was the distractor and photographer!

She started out by putting a sock-like thing over her head. Then she cut a space out for her mouth. Her eyes stayed covered the entire time.

Then she wet each piece of plaster and put it on Em's head. She used her hands to flatten it as much as possible so we could get a good quality mold.

After she had the top of the head done, we had to sit her up and hold her very tight. She didn't like it too much, but did very well. Then she did the plaster on the back and sides of her head. By this point, her head was very heavy so she had some trouble holding it up on her own, but she did great!

Finally, Mary pulled the plaster mold off and out came our adorable little peanut! The only time she cried during the entire 10 minutes was when Mary pulled the mold off. Can you believe it?

Mary said she had never had a baby that was so good. She does about 2 - 4 of these a week and she could not believe how good Em did. She said 'Oh my gosh!, you have the best baby'. We were like...yeah, we know! ha ha
After everything was done, we gave her a nice bath.

The band should be ready in about 8 days. Then she will wear it for 8 weeks, we will need to keep it on 23 hours a day. We are not looking forward to it, but we know this is the best for Em. Her head shape is just getting worse and worse, eventhough her neck strength is getting so much stronger.


Cori said...

What a little trooper! She did so well! I'm impressed!

sarah said...

She looks like she did so great! She was probably totally confused as to what was going on! :)

Aunt Kristen said...

What an interesting process! She is so darn cute, I can't believe how big she is getting! I miss her..give her a kiss from her aunt! talk to you soon!

grandma bonnie said...

What a brave little munchkin! I am so proud of her and her wonderful parents! You guys did a great job! She is amazing and so mild mannered. Hope the band does the job.

Anonymous said...

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