Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy Few Weeks...

It's been a busy few weeks and I am so far behind on blogging...let's see...where to we start? ha ha

Well my last post was Emily getting the plaster mold done of her head for her helmet. We go in today to pick up her helmet and do her first fitting. Kory and I are both a little nervous that everything goes okay. We are hoping to start her wearing it Monday morning. We'd like to get the painting done the next few days if we can and Ryan Congdon is going to help us on Sunday night (thanks Ryan!!).

Early last week we had some issues with our water not coming out very well. We called the plumber and they said the filter was clogged and the pressure valve needed to be replaced. So he did both things and went on his merry way. Well that lasted a day or two and then the water started acting up again. This was just in time for our house guests (Alison and Morgan) last weekend. So it was a little hectic. We were able to flush the toilet (kind of) and wash our hands/brush our teeth, but there was not nearly enough water to take showers. So we packed everything up and showered at Kacey and Tony's (thanks guys!!). It ended up okay. Then I showered the next two days at my sister Casey's. We called the well people on Saturday and were going to charge an insane fee to get it fixed on the weekend, so we had to wait until Tuesday. They came out and $3,000 later we got a new well pump. Supposedly it will last us another 20 years, but that was totally unexpected. So with the last two weeks of finances with Emily's helmet and the well we are a bit tapped out (ha ha!! that's a joke!!).
Now to my fun weekend with Ali and Morgan. I was SOOO happy they came down from MN for a girls weekend. We had a blast even if we didn't get to shower! ha ha Here are some fun pics:
Here Morgan is doing Uncle Kory's hair. He was such a good sport!

Here is Em getting a bath before we ran out of water!!

Here is a cute pic of Ali and Morgan at the outlet mall.

Here is Morgan riding one of the cars at the outlet mall. She's having a blast!!

Here is the 4 of us after we're all cleaned up at Kacey and Tony's. We're heading out to Laredo's for a Mexican feast!!

Lisa and Calvin also stopped over to visit! Thanks guys!!

Here is Tina, Ali and me after we stuffed ourselves with Mexican!!

Here is Miss Em and Miss Morgan at the farmer's market.
We had quite the busy trip, but had a great time! Thanks for coming down girls.
I will post more this weekend after we get Em's helmet.

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