Thursday, April 24, 2008

Emily's 4 Month Check-up

We had Em's 4 month Dr visit last night. She had to get some more shots, but she did okay. I think mommy takes it harder than Em does :) ha ha

I just wanted to post a quick update with her measurements.
Height is 24" (45%)
Weight is 12 lbs 6oz (26%)
Head Circumference is 41 cm (55%)--even with her odd shaped head, she's still right around average

We did talk about starting her on solids and Dr. Zenner suggested we wait a bit. Especially because she doesn't seem to be eating much as it is with formula. He said you will start to notice her being more hungry and that is when you should introduce it. So my plan right now is to wait 2 weeks and see how she is doing and maybe start it then. It doesn't hurt to wait. It says to start them between 4 and 6 months and since she is doing fine with just formula, there is no sense in rushing it.

I will get her 4 month pictures posted hopefully by the weekend. I have a lot of them with Easter and her baptism and everything else going on.

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