Friday, March 21, 2008

We Survived the First Week

Well Emily and I survived the first week back to work. I should say that I survived...I knew Emily would be fine! ha ha Unfortunately, due to the bad weather today, Em is staying with Grandma Bonnie for the night. Thanks Grandma!!! I am missing her to pieces, having been away from her for the last two work days, but thought maybe I'd get started on her scrapbook. That way at least I am doing something fun!

Here are some pictures from St. Patty's Day at Aunt CeCe's and Uncle Mike's:

Here I am eating my hands. I LOVE to eat my fists. All day long!!! Yummy!

Oh shoot! You caught me eating my hands again....

Here I am sitting all by myself. I am so darn tiny!!

Yes...can I help you?

Oh! You want a you go!!!


Kari said...

that is a great smile!

sarah said...

I'm glad the week went well, going back to work and all! Its so tough!