Friday, March 07, 2008

My Busy Week

I am so excited that I got to meet my Aunt Kristen, Aunt Kalli, and my Cousin Reese a few weeks ago.

Here I am with my Aunt Kalli:

Here I am with my Aunt Kristen:

Here I am with my Cousin Reese:

Look at my goofy Aunts all dressed alike! They are so cute!!

I am the star of the show!!! We are at Grandpa Randy's having fun hanging out.

Here I am also with my Aunt Liz. She loves to hold me!!

Here is my cousin Reese playing with me. He is such a good "big brother cousin"!!

Just thought this was a fun picture of Uncle Tony and Reese. Tony found this icicle hanging off the house at Grandma Bonnie's.

Hope you enjoyed all the pics. I am getting bigger and bigger all the time. Mommy goes back to work in a week and a half. I am excited to go daycare!!! I have also been a bit sick lately with the stomach flu or something of the sorts. Lots of icky diarrhea. I am now taking lactose free formula hoping to feel better soon.


grandma bonnie said...

Emily was the star of the week when all of Emily's aunts were with her!!! She got so much attention and loved her cousin Reese holding her. Reese was such a good helper too! Aunts Kacey, Kristen, Kalli and Liz made sure that Emily never needed anything at any time! We had such a fun week together and I miss everyone being here. I am looking forward to caring for Emily on Fridays when Teresa returns to work.

Allison said...

I am glad she finally got to meet her Aunts, glad it was a great week. Hope you are feeling better, and we hope to see you soon.
Love you guys!!