Sunday, December 09, 2007

35 weeks and 3 days---not that I'm counting!!!

Well we're getting down to the end here...getting anxious, and getting nervous! I think nursery is finally all set. We've got all the baby clothes washed up and put away. Got all the bedding washed...for the 2nd time. Aunt Bea (the cat) decided she really liked sleeping in the crib and when I banned her from the crib, she decided the changing table would suffice!! So I've washed everything again. I'm getting practice making the crib...who designed those things? It's nearly impossible to make up the crib with the bumper on!! Oh well! I'm sure I'll get good at it :)

I packed the baby's bag this weekend and got mine about half done. A lot of the things I can't really pack until the last minute, but I wrote them down so I won't forget those items. I wrote up my 'call list' so we know who to call when. I can't believe we're down to the wire!!

Kory dutifully put together the swing this weekend! yay!! He also put the car seat in the car...boy is it weird looking in my rearview mirror and seeing a carseat!!! The car seat was a bit adventurous of a process because mind's about 10 degrees here!! So I heated the car up and we both went out there and it took us a while to figure out the whole 'latch' system so you didn't have to use the seatbelt. We put it in nicely behind the drivers seat...well when we went to but the actual carrier on the base we realized my seat had to be moved so far up that I couldn't get behind the wheel!! So we had to unattach it and reattach it behind the passenger seat!! It was a cold process, but we got it done!! I am going in for a carseat check on Tuesday to make sure we have it in correctly.

Let's see...what else is going on....Kory is busy working lots of hours. This is the busy holiday season for Fed Ex. Other than that, we've just been hanging out and trying to relax when we can. We've had many days of nasty weather the last 3 weeks, so Kory has really been exhausted when the weekends roll around. It takes a toll on him when he has to drive for 14 - 15 hours in a row.

Anyways, I should get going. I go to the Dr on Tuesday, so I will post another blog later this week. It's my big 36 week check up!!! So that should be exciting.


Allison said...

Hey, sounds like you have everything ready to go. How exciting for you guys, now you won't have to worry about things last minute! I think that you are further along than Katie with getting things in order : ) Keep warm and drive safe, we have black ice around here.

aunt cece said...

Just think...Cori already had Mikaiya by this time!!! I'm ready when you are :)