Monday, October 16, 2006

Life has been a little strange lately. I've just been feeling under the weather. I think it's the new medicine I am for my jaw. It's a muscle relaxer, but it's making me feel kind of weird!! Anyways, I have a call into my Dr hoping that I can get my medication switched.

Kory and I went and saw the band Evanescence last saturday. It was a great show. We were at The Rave in Milwaukee. It was a neat show. The lead singer, Amy Lee, is AMAZING! I think I might dress up as her for Halloween...I know that is weird, but she's Kory's 'IT' girl and thought what a cool way to show how how different I can be!! She's kind of goth, but yet she's still very pretty. I'm hoping my sister can help with my make-up and stuff! She's so good!!

Work has been super duper busy!! I am working lots of hours, and so is Kory. Seems like we keep missing each other.

I don't really have any fun pics to here's a pic of Amy Lee that I've found...we'll see how close I can get to looking like this VERY HOT WOMAN!! HA HA

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amy said...

oie yo soy de chile

oie me agrgen
y ta wuena la jhotitho
y yo tengo l polera sale bkn