Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I got lots of relaxation time in which was much needed! Friday night I started my dog sitting duties taking care of Casey's dog, Winnie for the weekend. I also went over to Beth's to meet her new dog, Elroy...or is it Nacho? Well they haven't decided on the official name yet. He's a Puggle...pug and beagle...he's so darn cute!! Went to bed early friday. Then saturday, got up and let Winnie out, then headed off to work for a few hours. It's amazing how much more I get done at work when nobody else is there!! Then I came home and pulled out all my old flowers and put out two big pots of rust colored mums. They are georgous!! I figured they were needed for our Halloween party! Then Saturday night we went out for Matt Reel's b-day. That was fun. We didn't stay really late, but had a nice time. Today, I did payroll, worked on Vosberg's books for a few hours, did laundry and watched the race. I taped the Bears and I'm watching it now!! GO BEARS!

I got this new picture of Mikaiya, so I thought I'd post it:

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