Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No wonder I feel like we've been busy.....

So I went to look at my pictures since the last time I updated thinking it hasn't been all that long...and it hasn't. So I thought I'd just blog a little bit and be done...no such luck! No wonder I feel like we've been so incredibly busy lately. It's been a hectic (yet wonderful!) few weeks around here. So this blog is a mish mash of all that has been going on....
Where's Waldo? I mean Emily :)

The people who live across the St from us had some extra gourds so they let Em come and pick from the pile. Then she brought them home and painted them.

Lovely hair do!

Another hair do - she is really into the colored hair these days....

All bathed and in her hand-me-down Halloween jammers!

Madi, Maya and Emily jumping in the FREEZING cold - they had on 6 layers of socks each. Burrr!!!

Madi, Maya and Em playing dress up in MY clothes! Ha!

Making a picture for baby Audrey

Emily went on a field trip with her school and picked a pumpkin to paint

She wanted to paint the entire thing!

Concentrating really hard :)
My sister Casey and brother-in-law Mike welcomed their baby girl into the world on Friday, October 19th. Audrey Mae Breunig was born at 5:09pm. She was 6lbs 15oz and 20" long. A beautiful, healthy baby girl!!!! I was so happy to be able to be there to see her and hold her in my arms.

Me, Emily and Audrey at the hospital

Emily, Cece and Audrey

Precious face - just love her!

Em being goofy!!

Kisses for baby

Proud Auntie!!
 On Saturday this past weekend, Cori, Jeff, girls and my mom came by for a little dinner and bonfire. We had a great time hanging out and enjoying a nice fall day!!

Kory and Jeff bouncing Mikaiya

Love this one of Cori and Mikaiya

Emily and her cousin Braenna - such cutie pies

Otis was getting his Grammy time

Kory thinks Em looks like Grandpa Ralph in this one - check out how she is wearing her hat. LOL!

The girls trying to whistle a piece of grass between their thumbs
 Last night - we brought Casey and Mike some dinner and got in a few snuggles with baby Audrey.

Emily seriously held her the whole time!!!

Grammy with Em and Audrey

Go Bears!!!!

Kisses from her cousin

Em held her rubbing her cheeks, kissing her forehead, and talking to her. She would just stare at her and tell me how much she loved her.
When we left my sister's last night - Emily asked if we could go to Cece's house every day. How cute is that? LOL! I told yea.....probably not a good plan. We would eventually wear out our welcome.

So busy busy busy - but all good things!

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