Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lots to Blog About...

We have been super duper busy! I love summer, but it's so crammed full of fun things and it's too short - that's for sure! Thought I'd fill everyone in on what Miss Em has been up to this month.

Emily at Noah's 5th birthday party - she had never bowled before - she had a blast with all the "big" kids!!!

In mid-July we had some of our really good friends over on a Sunday afternoon. We don't get together as often as we used to - but we always have fun catching up.

Here is Em with Lily - she is Nan & Ryan's oldest daughter

Here is Em with Nora - she is Nan and Ryan's youngest daughter.
 We also got to see Cayl (Nick & Tiff's little man who just turned 1) and Anika (Matt & Brenda's daughter who is almost 3. I didn't get good pics of them - sorry!! I was too busy chasing Em around :)

Thanks to Ryan & Nan - Emily had her first ever was a root beer and she was in love!!!!
Check out her outfit....ugh. LOL!
 I have no idea what this picture was from, but it was taken in late July/early August and I just love it. It totally shows Miss Em's personality. She's sweet but sassy :)

Nothing wrong with a courderoy skirt in the middle of summer, right???

Our favorite babysitter is Claire. She is going to be a senior here in Sun Prairie this fall. We just love her and so does Emily. We got home one night and this was Claire's piece of artwork on the driveway. I love it!!!!

This summer we had a VERY special event occur in the Marion household....Daddy let Emily go for a semi ride!!! You would not believe smile on both of their faces. I have never seen either so happy. I got to follow in the car - but I can imagine Em was smiling the entire ride to the terminal (all of about 8 minutes).

Here's Em's first semi ride!!! July 2011. She had her carseat strapped in right next to daddy.

In July we went to the Dane County Fair with the Vosberg's. It's our 2nd annual trip with them. We always have a great time. It's even more fun now that Em and Zander can run around and play together.

Here are Em and Z on the Convoy ride at the fair. They LOVED the rides!!!! Luckily they are about the same height so they can pretty much go on all the same rides together.
 The first weekend in August, I took Emily to Sassy Cow Creamery's Farm Carnival. Sassy Cow is a local dairy that has the BEST ice cream!!! So I thought I'd take her there for an hour or two to play around.

Here she is all ready to bounce!!!!

Getting her face painted, of course. She HAS to get it done anytime she sees someone doing it.

We went with my friend Sara and her daughter Kendall and son Griffin. Here is Em and Kendall eating their hotdogs.

Playing a throw the ball in the fishbowl game. Thankfully neither of them won a fish!!!
 In early August - 2 of Kalli's boys (Kory's oldest sister) came to visit from Portland. We spent a lot of time at Kory's mom's to see AJ and Tyler. For some reason I have like ZERO pics of the them :( I hope Bonnie has some!!! I have been terrible with my camera lately. I need to get back into snapping photos!!

Here is Em and Z watching a movie at G's (Grandma Bonnie) house

Emme and Aunt Kacey making silly faces

Em wearing a suit she found at G's house...all ready to go hot tubbing!! She LOVED it!

My little fishy
 The last couple months have been rough around our house in the fact that Em has had these terrible stomach aches. They really take a toll on her and keep her in a lot of pain. She seems to not want to poop regularly. So she will hold it up to 7 or 8 days inbetween going. Not good. So I took her to the Dr just over a week ago and we talked about it. He agreed that a reward system would be a good idea. So I'm happy to report that in the last 8 days - Emme has pooped FIVE...count it...FIVE times.

She is VERY proud of her poop reward :)
I have WAY more things to blog about, but I'm beat. I will try to do another blog this weekend as we are heading to the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn of my favorite things to do!!
Hope everyone is enjoying summer. I know it's going fast for us!

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