Thursday, October 21, 2010

Over a month since my last blog!!!! whoops!

Ok....I have no excuse for not blogging. Let's see...what has happened since the last time I blogged...uh...let's you see why I haven't blogged? I don't even know where to start!!

Ok, here goes. So a few weeks ago my sister from Texas came to WI for a job interview, within 2 weeks she got the job at Trek Bicycles in Waterloo, WI and then her and her hubby came back to house hunt. They not only found a house in 3 days, but they also put in an offer, got the offer accepted and got the house inspected all in the same weekend! Amazing. I am super duper excited that my sister Cori, her husband Jeff and their 2 girls (Mikaiya 4 1/2 and Braenna 2 1/2) will be moving to WI in the next few weeks.

Now onto a photo collage of everything we've been up to in the last 4 weeks.

This is a pic of Em in her grown up outfit. Doesn't she look old??? I can not believe she's almost 3!!

This face is post-popsicle. What a cutie pie!!

Em is in a dance class at Madison Dance Academy in Sun Prairie. We've been going about 5 weeks now and she absolutely loves it! She loves her teacher Miss Amanda and all her little dancer friends. She is getting really good at listening to the teacher and following directions. Ask her to sing "I'm a little tea pot". It's sooo cute!

I got to get away for a girl's weekend. It was our 2nd annual trip to Galena, IL. There were 9 of us that went and we had such a fantastic time. It's a beautiful place to visit and there is lots to do. This is a picture of all of us from the Fried Green Tomatoes restaurant there. Yum!

We had a few friends over for a little get together a few weeks ago. These are all the kiddos of Kory's best friends from high School. Left to Right is Lily and Nora (Nan & Ryan's kids), Lily is holding baby Cayl (Nick & Tiff's little man), Emily and Anika (Matt & Brenda's little girl). The kids all had such a good time together!

Emme and I went to America's Best Flowers in Cottage Grove and built a scarecrow. It was so much fun! She was such a good helper. The scarecrow is up in our front yard. Come check it out!!!!

I just love this one. Emmers cheesing it :)

We went to the pumpkin patch at Schuster's Farm recently with Grammy (my mom) and G (Kory's mom). Here is a cute pic of Grammy and Emme.

Here is daddy and G helping Emme pick out her pumpkin.

Last weekend I went bridesmaides dress shopping for Casey's wedding. It will be here before we know it (July 9th, 2011). After dress shopping a few of us girls went tailgating. We had a great time!!!

Later that night of tailgating we met up with a bunch of friends including Amy (Tony's sister), Brenda, Katie, Kacey, and Libby. We had SO MUCH FUN! Thankfully I was in bed at home by 10pm :) My kind of night out!!!

Ok...I think I've now caught you up on the last month. Sorry for cramming so much into 1 blog. I will try to be better next time. Watch for Em in her halloween costume soon!!!!

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